"We shall pass this way on Earth but once, if there is any kindness we can show, or good act we can do, let us do it now, for we will never pass this way again."

---Stephen Grellet

New photos added every day! (Almost)

I have had the great fortune to have grown up an Air Force BRAT.  That allowed me to see the world, literally.  I lived in 7 US states and 5 countries before I was 17 years old.  I was also lucky enough to have seen many more.  I feel that gave me an eye for things that were different, colorful, beautiful and that needed to be preserved on film and now in a digital format.


I am posting a sampling of my photographs that were taken from California to Maine, literally and sometime in the near future some from other parts of the world where I have been or lived.  On the page "Around the World" there will be a number of pictures that were taken by my father as I was growing up.  I am posting these to honor his and my mothers memory.


Enjoy them all and Thank You.

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